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Very Sexy

Nice song and video, but very

Demonic! I don\'t know why people are comparing
this to Madonna? I would say that her vocals are
like a song from Tori Amos and the video is on
some NIN shit!!!

They compare this to Madonna because it\'s
reminiscent of Erotica. That may be before your
time though.

it looked very demonic, dirty, gritty. She looked
like satanic. love bey but not a fan of this video

she herself doesn\'t look scary to me in this
video. but the others in it giving me the freaking
creeps! hate this video, kinda like the song

Very \"Justify My Love\"!

Omg just because she made a haunted video doesn\'t
mean shes santanic.. therefore Michael Jackson or
anyone else who made a scary video is santanic
too. cut it out and stop commenting if you dont
like it..Its not going to change what shes doing..

Lol , let\'s start off on the fact that she is
nothing like Madonna , Madonna couldn\'t even put
out a surprise album and have it be number 1 on
the first week in more than 20 countries . The
video is a little interesting , but it goes with
the song , but if you read the lyrics \"Soul not
for sale\" means \'Soul not for sale\' idiot .
Satanic , i\'ll tell you what this video is ,
Flawless . She looked ultra ***y , and she took
risk . ;* I\'ve said my piece , Goodbye now .

her ass 4:25

all you haters kiss beyonce black ass

It is a great and powerful song, the video fits
perfect and SHE is a million times better than
Madonna! I love the songs \"Jealous\", \"Ghost\",
\"Pretty hurts\", \"Blow\" and \"yoncé\"
to. Love her!

Beyonce said this video was a tribute to Madonna

Beyonce said this video was a tribute to Madonna
rolling stone says tribute to madonna and***erican
horror history

I love this video its art!

I think this viedeo fits perfect to the song. And
it`s very creativ. I mean all those other people
and herself ofcours

real talk
2 minutes and 57 seconds wasted of my
time.....didnt have to finish watch this garbage

It is a blatant tribute to Madonna. How old are
you people commenting? In this day and age there
is no reason for you not to access Madonna\'s
Justify my love or Erotica video\'s. Madonna as
always did it first! Beyonce is stunning!

satanic.look like sum marilyn manson type sh*t.
what happened to crazy in love or bootyliscious ?
Oh ya she sold her soul the *them* #soul 4 gold

Crappy song and a slutty video to go with it...

trying way to hard... this isn\'t ***y its slutty.
I feel sorry for you people that are fans of her
and this is what you get after being fans for
years. This is devil worship at its finest. sorry
to hurt your feeling but its true. you may not
believe in God or Christ or even Lucifer but this
bitch sure does and shes gone... just gone...

Well.. I\'m glad there wasn\'t any illuminati
satanic symbolism in thát clip :/

too ***y...but art I guess

This is mot devil worship this is her paying
homage to Madonna, if any of you new music that is
calling her the devil you would know that

Madonna has already admitted this was in homage to
her that\'s why people are saying that, and she
went to one of Beyonce Concerts to thank her

There was such much satanic symbolism in that
video. It\'s deplorable. I grew up listening to
Beyonce\'. It\'s crazy to her like this. They say
that the devil\'s greatest accomplishment is
letting people believe that he doesn\'t exist.
She\'s not the first to do it and she surely
won\'t be the last to work for Satan but that\'s
definitely what she\'s doing. Look up illuminati
symbolism. People, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

no no no no *****ing beyonce is a white wonman now

She is so Illumanti she is so crazy she calls
herself sasha fierce but she says that she is shy
but went she get on stage sasha fierce takes over
her body that is why when u go to a Beyonce
Concert you have to be careful what she wear that
triangle sign the 666 sign and the little circle
u have to look at the screen behind her when.She
performing. And the shirts that her and Jay-Z be
wearing sometimes is illumanti look up on youtube
beyonce devil ring beyonce is a devil worshiper

Why did Beyonce have to side with the illuminati?
scary shittt.

its a really good video!! I love the Madonna

.-. OML i swear that starting was unexpected !
Great song thought ^_^

I adore her new album...and this song, OMG with
the\'s just not the Beyonce we used to
see, but I like this
transformation,interesting....great song!

The upside down cross in the hallway... I don\'t
think that there is any exaggeration when it comes
to drawing a connection between these artist and
Satanism. It just surprising that after these
things being pointed out to people that they
remain to be sublimed about the obvious occultism
that is going on in the media today.

People are really funny, um the song is called
\"Haunted\" is there really any other reason for
there to be \"scary\" ghosts and other things like
that? Seriously I know someone who refused to
watch Despicable Me 2 because its production
company is \"Illumination\" and she said she
can\'t watch it because it\'s close to the word
\"Illuminati\" That is what you conspiracy
theorists sound like. Like really. Use your brain,
think for yourself, and quit being a follower.

What a shhit occult music video, the music isnt
even good. thats what happens when you sell out

Just to correct you people the song is a
dedication to Madonna....

\"all you haters kiss beyonce black
ass\" ....but it\'s \"white\". just

Beyonce pleaasseee don\'t be like miley cirus D=

eyes open
there is so many Illuminati signs in here its not
even funny

It looks like a tribute to Madonna, straight
Satanic no questions about it

Who silly! It\'s just a clip. As if ordinary
people could recognize a possible demon marks in
artistic object. KKKKKK

She is a grown women with class who is has made
something out of her life compared to other people
in this world they turn to drugs like crack, weed,
and prescriptions medication to get high. She is
making that money and not living in a poor
household. You Beyonce rule the world over the
haters. The haters will not be successful like her
or Jay Z no time so.

They music industry should not be curses in their
sounds to help families so they can make money off
of them. If you play their music backward its talk
about following Satan. Satan is a loser and a
user. He only can destroy God\'s people if we
allow it to happen without Jesus. Jesus has to
step to destroy Satan and his angels. God\'s
people will stand against evil in this world. Only
Jesus Christ is cool and ruler of the heaven and
will create a whole new world for God\'s people.
Amen to that. Satan will lose in Jesus name. We
need to pray for the music industry to remove
their wickness that they are hiding.

I meant to say the music industry put curse and
spells in their music to keep families poor and
hurt. Jesus will step in to destroy Satan. I know
the music industry is very wick when it comes to
making money off us consumers. I would never buy
Jay Z album in my life time that man is evil, I do
not know about his wife Beyonce, but she is not
his little wife who stand there and takes that
shit in her life. I know that I would not take
that shit in my life. She is her own woman who
writes her own shit.

WOW!!!!!!!!!! good thing this is not on\'s so werid

what u do
First comes the television, then comes the dolls n
a blind family and after all the black angel

hunting minds. creepy sounds. this all mixed with
desire deep deep deep mind*****.

wasn\'t crazy about the video but love the song

This was creepy especially the twins which look
like a cross between the ring and the shining. no

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