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Published on Sat, 14 Dec 2013



Blah blah blah. Not Interested. Their loser\'s and
Satan worshipers!

Because there are a lot of young girls who like
Beyoncé including Saaha & Malia Obama. This song
and visual is irresponsible and is clearly about
making money cuz *** sells. I never cared for
Beyoncé nor Jay Z.they sold their souls to the

Yet you both searched so hard for this music video
just to call them Satan worshippers? Lame.

Lol... can we just keep in mind that you had a
young girl, who has had only one other bf prior to
her FIRST marriage. Had a successful career. Got
married THEN had a baby? This isn\'t
irresponsible, this is empowerment. Now I hope all
you insecure women can attain the same for
yourself. Also, can we just keep in mind, that\'s
her HUSBAND she\'s dancing for. If anything
BEYONCE is the perfect role model.

Ignorant Fools....
Haters gone hate. Meanwhile,Beyonce gone do what
the ***** she wants. Yet, if she a satan
worshipper. Which Beyonce been said she believes
in god research. And,if the video is
irresponsible. Which Beyonce is a grown women btw.
And parents raise their children not Beyonce duh.
How about if you know you don\'t like Beyonce or
Jay-Z don\'t search or view their videos. Problem

I like the old Beyonce better .shes becoming
gimmicky like these other female artist. But shes
still I great performer regardless

Beyonce out did herself on this album, if that is
even possible. She is so far ahead in the
game..ultimate entertainer. SN: Yall some haters

uh yeah
Yall sound ridiculous. So you\'re saying young
girls are going to watch her videos and learn from
them but not her character? And why the hell are
parents still wanting celebrities to be examples?
Be an example in your own kids damn life and let
these celebrities live. They are here to entertain
not raise.

Lisa lin
This video goes hard. I love it and Beyonce!

First of all Beyonce is a grown ass woman and not
responsible for raising YOUR children. she\'s an
entertainer. period. and half of yall went out of
your way to find this video just to criticize her.
lmao thats a joke in itself.

nick ur a wanker

The song and the video are ***ual but keep in mind
she is dancing and ***ing up her HUSBAND. He is
not a boyfriend, baby daddy or fu%k buddy. These
are husband privileges and if your man want all of
this he should be like Jay and put a ring on it!

Mapule le Mmabatho
shes not just dancing for her husband thers a
billion men and women(***s) who also will get
the pleasure of viewing her,celebrities do not
raise children yes but as long as the saying goes
we are shaped by our environment and ofcourse our
genetic make up,teenage boys get to view these
naked celebrities on the regular it creates a
hunger to want to have ***, and some young females
feel then that ***y instead of intellect and other
qualities is a way to mens heart,therefore high
rate of teenage pregnancy,rape and HIV..,so
whether we admit it or not it does affect our
young ones...and i wish these entertainers could
take a second to think about that before they make
***ually explicit videos with vulgure lyrics.

Fed up
People who allow entertainers to be role models
for their kids are pathetic and looking for
someone to blame. They act as if they\'re the
m*** police and probably have more skeletons in
their closet than Bey and Jay combined. Beyoncé
is a grown, married woman who is expressing
herself, who cares whether her haters approve or
not! If your children are seeing this video, you
should question your parenting skills not her art.
The album is properly labeled for ***s. BTW, I
love Bey and Jay...superstars keep shining!

Some of yall sound stupid as hell. Music doesn\'t
shape a child, the living environment is where a
child gets the its influences; Friends & Family.
(now how they see there family and friends act
towards the music is different)A child tries to
balance who they are around the family and balance
who they are with there friends, that\'s what
makes a person. Music is just another way of
telling a story. They should get no more influence
listening to music, then reading about Hiltler!

Each and every one of us are role models, whether
we want to be or not. What\'s so sad about the
music industry (the entertainment industry as a
whole) is that it prays on the young and

To all you numbnuts calling Beyoncé and her fans
Satan worshipers, don\'t forget who made Satan.
That\'s right. Your favorite Guy in the Sky: God.
So the Devil can\'t be bad if the G-O-D is as good
as you say he is. You can\'t have evil come from
the source if the source is all good now can you?
Logic is clearly not your strong point. Therefore,
stupid is as stupid does. Anyway, if you don\'t
like it then why are you watching it? Go watch the
700 Club and leave us \"Devil worshippers\" alone!

i doubt she will let her daughter watch her videos
until she\'s older. beyonce works hard. it takes
long hours to create music and dance. doubt any of
you haters could keep up. so you do your normal
9-5 job and let her do hers.

It\'s pure entertainment reflecting what we
identify with inside ourselves. That\'s the whole
point. If you can\'t handle it, keep yourself
sheltered and get a good handle on your own
children instead of blaming celebrities. You need
to be their role model. Don\'t blame celebrities.
If you raise your kids right, they will know the
difference between m***s and pure entertainment.
Btw.. they inevitably will participate what you
watch at some point in their life. If you\'re so
scared, don\'t let them go to college. You\'re
gonna have serious problems, geez.

this song is for her husband, she wants to please
her husband in any way possible. do not judge her,
she is married and this song is letting the world
know how she feels. Your kids are your problem,
you responsible do not blame a third party for
raising your kids, doing your job.

Okay ppl lets get one thing straight, she has
***ten more edgier. Is that a bad thing? To me it
is, Beyonce is a role model wether she likes it or
not, her lyrics and videos are over***ualized. If
Miley put out a video like this we\'d all lose our
minds. So why not with beyonce? Because she\'s
dancing infront of her husband in the video still
makes it for all of us to see. I personally think
its very below her.

It isn\'t satan worship because me and him are not

not taking sides
Dont get me wrong I love Beyonce but some of you
guys sound stupid saying things like \"Music
doesn\'t shape a child.\" The fact of the matter
is that what you put in is what you get out! Plain
and simple, that means music, TV, video games,
books, etc all affect a person. We\'re all
products of our environment.As a celebrity you
have great influence and you do have to be
responsible with the power that comes with it.
Parents can try to censor their but the reality is
that it\'s impossible. Sex appeal is EVERYWHERE.
Do I think Beyonce is corrupting her younger fans?
Yes and no. No because these are all things
they\'ll hear and music videos they\'ll see. No
because she is a GROWN woman who deserves to make
her own choices and live her own life. The
GOVERNMENT should do a better job at censorship
for young kids because believe me parents are

@ blah
Who says she only had ONE boyfriend prior to her
marriage? Who\'s to say she hasn\'t had terminated
pregnancies BEFORE being married? If you don\'t
know her personally you cant assume cause frankly
your just on the outside trying to look in.

Just Saying
As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie already said, \"We
teach girls that they can not be ***ual beings in
the way that boys are\", I don\'t see as many
people bitching on all of the ***ual songs that
are made by men, but if a woman does a song like
this there\'s a bunch of people saying she\'s
corrupting little girls right away. Nowhere in
this song did Beyoncé encourage promiscuity or
tell young girls to lose their virginity fast.
She\'s a grown woman and girls should know that at
some point of their life they will have ***ual
desires and that it\'s nothing to be ashamed of,
especially not if they are directed at the man
they love.

you mean they are married to not \"the man they

you guys are ignorant to come on here to post such
rude ass accusations such as satan worshipers yall
asses going to hell but the funny thing is yall
are posting this life she really gives a damn
about yall simple asses

I believe this album contradicts itself, it starts
with perfection is a disease yet in every video B
looks absolutely perfect. I guess it\'s not that
bad a disease...

IDGAF about Illuminati
You mother*****ers need to shut the hell up,
Beyonce is grown she can do whatever the ***** she
wants to do, she does not need approval from
anyone. She is making money while your broke asses
are at home doing nothing but helping! Why the
***** did you search just to bash her. Like she
gives a crisp damn! Parents should be raising
their own *****ing kids, leave the celebrities
alone. Shut the ***** about illuminati, its not
like im physically giving my soul.


beyonce is really enjoying her husband....i think
this is ***y and makes me wanna put more spice in
my relationship...its just burlesque....!!!!

Beyonce lover 200
Go girl!

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