Beyonce - Pretty Hurts (Official Video)


Uploaded on Sat, 14 Dec 2013 17:51:03 +0000

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Love the song & the message!

How do u play it?? There\'s nothing on screen!

I love the song, really great.

I love the song its a great message

What a great message! This song makes me cry :\'(
... Beyonce is really talented ps: sorry if my
english isn\'t good, i\'m french :/

Arianabab from cuba
Amazing song I\'m doing this for talent show

i love this song


she doesn\'t know what she\'s talking about. \"Are
you happy with yourself\"? How can people be happy
with themselves when you spread media like this?
This is brainwash. \"Take off the mask\"? Take off
your mask, Beyonce.

this is utter bullshit.

there is a reason why beyonce is calles the queen
of pop and R&B. In the song partition you say
it`s bad for kids, i think this song is \"good\"
for kids. it shows them that they don┬┤t need
surgeries and things they make them pretty

Beyonce = PURE TALENT! Haters are born to hate,
and who really cares? Bee rocks!

Honestly i love this song and the message..It has
a basic message which prevents young people from
getting surgeries as its not worth it at the end.
But if you do think it as a teenagers perspective
they won\'t be just concentrating on the message
and the song but also whats in the video. I see
what Beyonce was conveying but at the same time if
a teenager saw the video they would be talking
about Beyonce\'s ass and how they would want that,
her figure and her without makeup is absolutely

When they look at themselves they will think that
you don\'t need surgeries to look better but they
do need to look good. See the point is that when
the teeneagers look at themselves they may see
scars and spots on their face and their figure may
not be as good as they want it to be.In the video
they all have beautiful makeup and it looks really
natural many people mistake that to be their real
skin so they feel they look ugly and i\'m not
saying Beyonce without makeup i sugly no she\'s
great i think everyone looks great it just about
being fit and healthy as long as you are thats all
that matters. I think it would really help the
audience if beyonce had fake spots or scars on and
show that she is still pretty and obvs people will
listen o Beyonce as she has the fans and the power
to do so and the young people/audience will never
feel so insecure about themselves..Overall***azing
performer Beyonce #nohatejustwhatstrue

love this song

I love every thing about The Queen B! this song
really makes me understain that you are who you
are and nothing can chang that! not make up
surgeries anything,because at the end of the day
will you be happy knowing you changed your self
for no reason?

my name is mariah not nick ^^^

Thomas Gear
I think they could cut away moments in the WC,
ugly! And the message is:\"You\'re fat, ugly and
stupid? Well, it\'s good! Just stay this way, no
need to work out! Be don\'t care of your
health!\". Wrong message!

Great message to our girls

i just love it

Nick of the best son/g in 2014,I luv d
vedio is very educating,job well don,queen


beautiful song indeed

Amazing video. Please pple stp critisizing
her,she\'s ryt u knw and she\'s not perfect. Kip
it up beyonce.

Beautiful song written by Sia

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