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Oti theleis exei pia aytos o SKAI se low bjedut
paragoges... kai kala kanei, giati etsi stirizei
tin elliniki paragogi kai tous ellines

, before remrofs) and the President (Nixon) was
not President anymore. There were these new
machines called a microwave, a VCR, cable TV, the
drinking age had changed from 18 to 21, there was
disco , etc, etc.When I stepped off the bus in
downtown Houston, the SOUND was overwhelmingly
LOUD. The prison farm had been quiet, this was
URBAN NOISE. I looked around the station and I
could recognize the ex-cons, even though I didn\'t
know any of them we recognized each other, with a
slight nod. I even saw one guy wearing the state
shoes they issued him. The local cops were
eyeballing his ass with intensity poor sucker was
probably going to get popped before he even ***
home.My dad picked me up at the station. I smoked
my first Free World joint, then found all my old
friends who had been with me in prison many of
my high school friends had come and gone while I
was still there. I met with my parole officer,
went to my drug rehab session and four days
later, I had Thanksgiving dinner in the free
world. What followed, after I *** off parole, was
the adventure I took in search of myself that\'s
another great story

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your seatbelts, it\'s going to be a bumpy ride.

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