The sad death of comedian Tommy Cooper


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Nothing to review it\'s the very sad death of one
the uks greatest comedy greats I do wonder why
this needs to be on here the death of someone
think of his family members seeing this it was
taken of YouTube for that reason

Binder rules
Ha ha ha ha so funny

nick then why are you even on this page you are a
*****en idiot and should ***** off these types of

Sick f@@@@g bet you t@@@@@g of to this pervert

Necro maxis
God this is so funny ha ha ha death is such a turn

Nick likes videos of people in distress cardiac
arrest must be so funny to you fapping off to this
are you fool

Nick yes you with the panther picture you really
are such a moron

Hi Nick, Do you have this full show of Live From
Her Majesty\'s from 15th April 1984?

Jim Bowen
Nick yeah you with the panther picture shut the
f@@k up were gonna find your IP address and pay u
a visit moron

Only the 4 min version and advert break

Nick Would you have a copy of the full episode
of this show to copy on DVD as it also had Les
Dennis & Dustin Gee who I was fans of. If so could
you please send me an email to and let us know if you
can copy this and hope much you would like -
thanks S.J.Deane

Gobo marx
Nick the necrophilliac sicko



There is a grim beauty to the fact that Mr. Cooper
still brought laughter to people even when he was
at his end. That being said I do not think I want
to view this video ever again...

Think of it this way. He would not have wanted it
any other way and what a way to go. Doing what you
love in the middle of a laughing audience. He knew
he wasn\'t well but continued. Lets not look at
this as omg how awful he died on stage doing what
he loved and people loved him for. Nothing wrong
with that!

Dolly Parton
Such a sad thing to happen to such a well loved
person. If only they knew and he had listened to
people telling him not to go on stage. R.I.P Tommy
Cooper you will never be for***ten.

Always leave \'em laughing, hey?

How was it funny the guy died on stage In front
of his fans wow REPEAT TOMMY

So.. have you watched it Antony?

Just remember, the 'snoring' and slurs you hear
him make after he fell down are a sign of a
massive heart attack. One of the first lessons you
get on treating heart failure. Him dying like this
probably made it obvious to teach people these
symptoms, so that they react, instead of laugh, or
stand still while flabbergasted. Act!

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