Demopocalypse: Jon Stewart Comes Out of Retirement

Published on Mon, 30 May 2016



and we worry about Trump>

#feelthebern it's our only hope. We not me.

In what way is Bernie a lunatic?

It is what it is.

Brilliant propaganda. Love pompous old Nader still
blaming everyone but himself for the 8 Bush years.
So good at distortion it might help Fascism seize
absolute control of the government. Thanks, Jon S.

That's my Pres. #StillSanders! #HillNO

HORRIFYING. A "business opportunity" ?

These stupid ads all the time is making it hard to
watch the 18 minute show. Gay.

Let's look at some definitions. insane-
seriously mentally ill. lunatic- a mentally ill
person. Pretty damn redundant, don't you
think? I find it depressingly ironic that
you're calling Bernie, whom is fighting for public
college, mentally ill.. When you could desperately
use additional education.

Pancake Joe
Deleted my comments I see, typical Leftists.

I'm pretty sure Jon Stewart stopped having
anything to do with this video after the first few

Pathetic & Childish
Non stop Hillary thanks. We should
be better than this, seriously. I don't care
for her compared to Sanders, but unless we ALL
come together behind the nominee, get used to
'President Trump'. I*** all FOR revolutions and
fixing the political system, but NOT DURING an
election as important as this one, sorry. The
time to adjust and alter, to tear down and redo,
is BEFORE such an event as this...NOT
DURING. It's flat out irresponsible and self
serving, otherwise. Too much is at STAKE.

How is it bashing when all they are doing in this
video is sharing footage of her contradicting

If our country is going to catch up with other
counties we need to have Bernie Sanders in the
White House. The standard establishment has our
country with high poverty, low job numbers due to
horrible trade deals that reward corporations and
trash our middle class. Bernie isn't funded by big
pharma, Hillary is. She thinks paying $250.00 for
a prescription is just fine. Bernie Sanders wants
our country to work well for all of us, not just
the elite. Bernie cares about us. The others care
about their own wallets.

Anybody that says Bernie is crazy is just proving
that they are ignorant fools!


If you say blue no matter who, ***** you!

Screw HilLiarY~~~ That Biotch Will NEVER, EVER See
My Vote... She Is The Most Despicable & Hate
Worthy Thing Ever!!!

Welp, looks like it's gonna be another 8 years of
warmongering at the expense of the middle and
working class. Don't you just love American

Shillary can jump off a bridge. Her supporters are
helping her to drag this country to the gutter
with a Trump Presidency. How selfish just for a
woman President who is not fit in any form or
fashion to lead this country in a productive
manner. She or Trump will destroy this country
and this world further. They are one in the same.

John was making a point. He did not seriously
call Bernie "a loon that wears socks on his feet".
He was making a point, a contrast to what was
previously said. He put Bernie in a good light.

But... But... I thought Bush lied and people died!

Thank goodness John Stewart is in the loop. I***
really worried about our country.

He's the only candidate who is not dangerously
corrupt, and he is the last hope that America has.
What's this is about "socialism". Socialist
Democracy is working in Western Europe, while the
US is going down the drain at a rate of knots!

what lies ahead is terrifying.... only one
candidate understands peace. Bernie.

No more Clintons in the White House. We can do so
better. #FeelTheBern! Hillary is in it for
herself. Bernie is in it for all of us. Just look
at who funds Hillary.

Trump is a loose cannon and if he comes in he will
start wars with the wrong people putting us more
into debt that just one example. We borough money
from banks for was only putting us more into debt
he thinks if we go bankrupt hes fixing the economy
and starting over trump and actually said it.

That's a Daily Show clip from last year, Jon did
not "come out of retirement" and you are lying to
get clicks.

When passing this on, please advise people not to
allow children in the room while playing this.
I'm sensitive and I now feel ill and I feel
incredibly traumatized. My heart literally

As a report undermines her statements about the
email server, and polls show Trump drawing even,
the Clinton campaign is quickly becoming a
disaster. Step down, Hillary, for the good of
the party. New polls show Trump beats Clinton by
10 points. New polls show Bernie Sanders beats
Trump by 11
points. ‪#‎justsaynotohillary‬

Bernie seems like a lunatic and Trump comes
through as rational. Dumbing Down of Amurica. BTW
Hillary changes with whatever is popular or her
handlers say, I have a feeling that her roots will
pop back up if she's in office

What do Clinton supporters say after viewing this?
Anything? Are they even aware of the evil within?

Her track record speaks for itself. People use
experience as a reason to put her in office, but
what has she done with that experience? Nothing
good whatsoever, the Middle East is worse than it
has ever been under her watch as Secretary of
State. All the way back to her lawyer days, did
she win cases? Yes, she defended a guilty rapist,
*** him set free, and when asked about his guilt
she said she knew and laughed, not the kind of
woman any woman should want as Potus. She wants
your vote and will say anything to get it, but she
is going to continue to help the rich while
walking all over the rest of America's back.

Watching this made me ill. I cannot imagine how
anyone could possibly vote for this woman.

I refuse to share this video from this source.
Please give me another reputed source to share

Nothing like deceiving people, especially ignorant
young males with a hate-on for women, with
cherry-picked clips that eliminate all the details
involved in why someone shifts political views.
Anyone could easily find contradictions in
Sanders' views and actions. So Bernie supports
women's pay equity? Well, isn't that trendy.
Clinton has been working for it for many years. Do
your young, women-hating males know anything about
that? Didn't think so. Let's see Stewart turn his
scrutiny on some of Sanders' votes, say on guest
workers,the Brady Bill, nuclear waste dumped on a
Latino town in Texas, his wife's lying about
campaign donations to get a loan that was never
paid beck, etc. By the way, you juxtapose "plain
and simple" with war atrocities to make a complex
situation in which nations in the Middle east were
calling Saddam Hussein a dangerously destabilizing
force. You obviously have no sense of
responsibility. And Chris Stevens was not tortured
to death, you lying *****.That shows how low you
will stoop.

Shucky Ducky
Bernie is a loon because he has no fundamental
understanding of how finance works. He lived off
the system for quite some time instead of the able
bodied man working. He is a socialist. The list
goes on....

Uploaded by anonymous users? Cherry picked clips?
Jon Stewart out of retirement? There is much to
question about the authenticity and intent of this

Watch The Real News. Listen to Democracy Now. Get
the truth. Feel the Bern.

Does it never bother you people that every EVERY
video snippet was taken out of context? Gullible

The missing link here is a small organisation
called "The Builderberg Group". Research who's in
this club.

Ridiculous propaganda piece. And I'm not even
close to a Clinton supporter.

Thom Gillespie
This is basically a Hillary hit piece masquerading
as a Jon Stewert piece.

There is massive outrage and commentary over the
fact that Trump is an embarrassment
internationally. But Clinton doesn't impress our
allies either. She has helped rattle sabers in
Syria and Libya, and the stream of refugees from
those countries and Ir*** are not popular in the
EU. Clinton's open embrace of the rhetoric of
nuclear destruction of Iran makes the whole world
edgy. My European friends are appalled by all our
politicians except for Sanders.

A misleading and dishonest pastiche. It just goes
to show the depths to which the Bernie deadenders
will stoop. But there's another possibility as
well. This could be a plant by the Trump forces.
Republicans propagandists have built Hilary hating
into a fine art. Why not share the wealth?

The Green Party is our only hope.

Ban that mug on all media. Realize that, for one
rather minor but influential detail, it was a
mistake, for instance, for the astute observer Jon
Stewart to run out his show with constant Drumpfy
junk, legitimizing perpetual publicity for that
evil fool. TURN OFF every image of The
Don'T. (Yep, hiding it on timeline to delete
after venting

Roberts Constancy
Ban that mug on all media. Realize that, for
one rather minor but influential detail, it was
a mistake, for instance, for the astute observer
Jon Stewart to run out his show with constant
Drumpfy junk, legitimizing perpetual publicity
for that evil fool. TURN OFF every image of
The Don'T. (Yep, hiding it on timeline to
delete after venting

NOT "Nick"--sorry my comment inexplicably appeared
under wrong name. Was it presumed to be a reply to
Nick? Sorry, reposted.

This woman is preferable to Trump? I will not
"fall inline" behind this woman. I will have no
part in the next "regime change."

This really should have ended at around 6 minutes.
I*** a big Bernie fan and it was making excellent
points. Then it started digging too far into the
past. People can and do change. It's much more
poignant when you show her changing her mind week
to week, instead of showing things she said
decades ago.

Bernie sanders is a political blowhard who's
biggest achievement is getting elected to the
senate. He has ***ten noting done during his
tenure there - if he couldn't get any of his ideas
past in 30+ years of being a senator, why should
we belive his presidency will be anything but a
bunch of long winded speaches?
Wow. We're f$#@'d.

What??? Extend SS benefits??? Isn't that what
the working class are paying for with every
paycheck? Give me a break!

If Sanders were truly an independent, he wouldn't
be pandering to the Democratic party for his
nomination. I guarantee half the Berniebots
condemning Hillary will be slapping "I'm with Her"
bumper sticks on the Prius when he loses the
primary. Dems/Republicans are on the same team
trying to strip you of your rights. If only there
was a growing 3rd party that just had their
National Convention last week with a better choice
than all these idiots... oh wait, there is.

I can't hear it because the advertisement runs
continually with audio while the video is playing.
Demopocalypse sucks.

Media had it in for Bernie from the beginning.

Fed up
This is a thoughtful Jon Stewart interview
sandwiched between propaganda. Support who you
want but enough of this. It's on the level of
Breitbart. There is a legitimate critique of
Hillary. There are legitimate foundations to
support her. But it's all lost in the noise of
this manipulation.Stop, please stop.

What is democlapsye. Who made this propaganda?

When any soundbyte repeats, i envision the whole
of humanity burning in nuclear aftermath.

Whoa, I was not prepared for shit to get real.
This is very clever journalism on Stewart's part.
He used his fame and popularity to entice us into
seeing what he wanted us to see.

This is click-bait. The video was done shortly
after the announcement of his (Bernie Sander's)
run for democratic nominee. John Stewart was
still the Daily Show host back then. He didn't
come out of retirement. He hadn't done his final
show yet.

Weird that Stewart questions Hillary's
authenticity. A politician. Come on, now. The only
reason Bernie comes across more "authentic" is
that he's just repeated the same talking points
for almost a year now. The might be "sticking with
his convictions," or it might be that there's no
complexity, or even a clear rationale, behind his
sweeping proposals. That, and the fact that
neither Clinton nor Trump has bothered to really
launch any attacks on him yet.

Check snopes for the phrase "We didn't lose a
single person" and you can see it is taken
completely out of context. Oh, I'm no Bernie
fan either. But I recognize this for what it
is. "she was specifically discussing events
that took place prior to the Benghazi
attack." It's called "quote mining", and you
lose all integrity when you resort to it.

America wake up!You have drifted far enough from
reality and from my viewing point,mistaken
hollywood action war movies to be reality.There is
a thing called peace,you know?I see self
destruction and by the time you try to wake up
your eyes will be too messed up by your dreams.It
is shocking us by how popular some of your m***ly
bankrupt candidates are.

I'll be voting for either Jill Stein or Bernie.
Almost none of political pundit threats of what
MIGHT happen if we elect DT or HC address what
WILL UNQUESTIONABLY happen if we allow these
self-absorbed baboons to continue to ignore
climate change. If ANY candidate is the only one
serious about fighting climate change, then I'm
in, pretty much regardless of anything else. That
is a reasonable reaction to the science and
reflects where we are now. (I know I lost the
Repugs by using the S word). Any candidate who
seems likely to ignore climate change is too
stupid / uninformed / dishonest to consider voting
for. These fornicators want to kick this can down
the road again. Jimmy Carter had this pegged 40
years ago. Don't they watch the news, are they OK
with Earth looking like Mars? Why are they
willing to throw their own grandchildren's
grandchildren under the bus without a fight? Screw
that. Feel the Bern. Or feel the burn. Your

Bernie *** me on several issues, but climate
change is definitely the main reason. Can't fall
for hc she is just so arrogant I can't stand the
thought of her being in charge of anything.

Jon Stewart didn't come out of retirement to do
this. Otherwise, the Internet would have blown up
because he's so popular. This is an old clip
brought up by a Sanders supporter to give people
the illusion that Stewart would end his retirement
to sell Sanders. He didn't. Whoever posted this?
Nice misrepresentation of Stewart, you piss-poor
political hack.

Seriously? Every single clip was taken out of
context. Not for Hillary, but come on. None of the
candidates are fit to be president.

Gary Johnson
2016 #makeamericasaneagain #termlimits

How horrible to consider that we may be forced
into deciding between Shillary and Daffy Donald
Drump as our Commander in Chief... My hope is that
Bernie decides that he should start his own
political party and run as an independent... he
would win a split election easily...

Hopefully the convention may agree which is the
best candidate,

And the most misleading title of a video on the
internet today goes to...

Yes, sanders is a lunatic. The only supporters he
has in general are clueless millenials who have
absolutely no knowledge of the real world, and
have been indoctrinated by publik educayshun. As
a side note, he is also a deadbeat leech who didnt
have a full time job until age 40, indicating he
has less life expereince than the average 16 year

Bernie Is Awful
"We can tell what they will do by looking at their
past." Yes, we can, let's not hire the socialist
73 year-old who's never held a steady job in his
life, please. Bernie is economically illiterate
and a commmunist sympathizer. Honestly, Trump,
Hillary, and Sanders are all complete morons and
the two-party system is broken. It's time to
change the system, vote third party.

If it ends up that I have to vote for her, I will
watch this again, and again and vote with my eyes
wide open. Meantime, GO BERNIE! CALIFORNIA
friends, please get ready to cast your vote with
heart, knowledge and consciousness. GO, GO, GO

James Jon Stewart didn't come out of retirement
to do this. Otherwise, the Internet would have
blown up because he's so popular. This is an old
clip brought up by a Sanders supporter to give
people the illusion that Stewart would end his
retirement to sell Sanders. He didn't. Whoever
posted this? Nice misrepresentation of Stewart,
you piss-poor political
hack. -----------------------------------------
---- I don't think Sanders supporters are
involved in this, I*** one myself and I know how
many other Sander's supporters think, they
wouldn't make something like this. It is very
edited to make it seem like the candidates are
saying things they did not and very obviously
fake, also I was only able to find this video on
this site, so, to everyone else who finds this,
this is garbage fake information. The truth is
much more important than winning when it comes to
a race like this.

Not a Hillary supporter, but this is bullshit
journalism. I wonder if Jon Stewart knows his
interview was spliced into a one-sided hack job.

millenial plague Bernie with "knowledge and
conscience"...ironic that voting for Bernie
requires suspending both. No intelligent person
who is even remotely informed could support
Bernie, unless they simply hate this country. And
no one with a conscience would vote for a deadbeat
who *** kicked out of a commune for not working
for crying out loud, who now wants to take more of
your money (the same money that fed him since he
refused to work).

Bernie lost. Get over it.

weird word filter
Ir***, Iran, I***, I'm, was, has, mostly, ***ten,
***, what?

weird word filter
m***, ***, fl***, c***, beget, be***,
be***ten, get, ***, ***ten, what? how about shit,
*****, spic, dyke, fag, cunt, asshole, ***,
clitoris, tits, bitch, nigger, kike, what?

weird word filter
that's insane. is it "im m or al" to type "I" and
"am," while it's totally fine to forget in the
present tense to add "g," "o," "t" to the word
fag? mister D. Tracy can't use his name, but he
can tell somebody they are a dyke kike or a cunt
nigger? just make sure you don't get any "c or
al" from the ocean floor, as that would end up in
an evil "F.A.Q." list about what was wrong with
war in "I ra q." good stuff. this site is a
terrible joke.

Not You
"I*** a progressive." The ***** you are!


Disappointed in Jon. I thought he was cleverer
than this.

I'm voting for Bernie, but I do think the one
thing overblown in this video for Hillary is the
War in Ir***. She was a senator of NY right after
9/11. While good foresight would have ***ten her
to said no, it also would have been political
suicide. Bernie wasn't afraid of that, but he also
wasn't the senator of NY. A chinese proverb once
said "when the sea rises all boats are lifted."
Lets fight for $15, lets give people dignity and
thereby get them off welfare, lets stop arresting
non-violent drug offenders and instead get them
help. Lets fix America by standing together and
having the strength to ask for more. Feel the Bern

I'm for Bernie but this is a hit piece on Hillary
and she doesn't deserve most of it. I'm for truth
and that's not this. All of congress voted for
Ir***, the job of sos is to forge alliances with
leaders that are questionable, of course almost
all senators are going to have a checkered past
due to compromises.

This video is what will elect donald trump.

Wow -- serious propaganda. Keep it up: Trump is
the most dangerous person on the planet, and
you're attacking the one person who keeps him away
from power. Bernie is a great critic, but he's as
far away from America's center of gravity as
Vermont is from Texas. And stop it with Libya:
that was practically bloodless. Like the whole
rest of the Middle East, it's a roiling mess of a

So vote Libertarian. We have the sane, honest
candidates who are very much not looking for
expensive chances to get Americans killed.

Bernie. If not then Hillary will be fine. But
holy shit no on Trump. Anybody seriously backing
him looks like a clown.

I will never vote for Shillary. Bernie or Bust.

Hillary deserves most of it. There are a lot of
facts there, and it is her own words.

Been Rap!

Stewart's done better. Democrats would be crazy to
not take the political center in a country where
they kill doctors for providing medical care for
women, where religious freaks kill woman for
seeking healthcare and where looney Republicans
dominate the House of Representatives. Far too
many Americans are pathetically naive which is why
Republicans have been able to screw the country
over in the first place.

No Hillary, Not Ever. #DropOutHillary Senior
Veteran for #Bernie2016 or Bust.

No Hillary, Not Ever. #DropOutHillary Senior
Veteran for #Bernie2016 or Bust.

I love the logic that people only dislike Hillary
because they hate women. Too bad y'all aren't as
outraged about women being bombed and shot all
over the world on account a' this crooked liar
(and other people of course.) Bernie *** my vote
in the primaries, and he's *** my vote in the
general election.

The long string of comments above only serve as a
horrible indicator of how many ignorant and
closed-minded people live in the United States.
There is so much hatred, bi***ry and mistrust that
we have reached the point where someone like
Donald Trump is considered a serious candidate for
the Presidency. Across the world, in every part
of the world where our allies live, we are the
laughing stock because we have allowed a massively
self-important idiot to use hatred and division as
a means of galvanizing those who hate and those
who choose to parrot a nonsensical ideology
without regard for actual facts. For those
uneducated haters, the facts are what they decide
are facts inside of their alternate reality called
"the bubble". The politicians have divided us
because they do believe in the old axiom "divide
and conquer" and the suckers called patriots have
glommed onto it lock, stock and smoking barrel!

Powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can a
single soul vote for this evil liar if they watch
any of the internet videos revealing the true

Dr. Anonymous
Oh brother. Clickbait bullshit.

hahah-Demopocalypse indeed. Dems coulda won with
EITHER Sanders or Hillary. But they're too busy
tearing each other to shreds, even though they
(Bernie and Hillary) are virtually THE SAME. K
A R M A is spelled T R U M P.

hahah-Demopocalypse indeed. Dems coulda won with
EITHER Sanders or Hillary. But they're too busy
tearing each other to shreds, even though they
(Bernie and Hillary) are virtually THE SAME. K
A R M A is spelled T R U M P.

As long as big money is involved in politics, we
will never be able to elect a candidate who truly
has the ability to make changes that will benefit
the masses in this country.

Clickbait lies. Jon Stewart did not come out of
retirement. Also, this video is full of
distortions. Waste of time.

If you are going to least have the
'balls' to put your name in...just a
suggestion...I myself don't care about
commenting...the comments some are actually
good...your good friend...WE Are Anonymous!

Sanders and Trump are two sides of the same
coin. Both are extreme. Both are nasty and
belligerent. Both entered the nomination
process knowing the rules yet both whinged and and
accused the process of being rigged when things
don't go their way. Two childish, petulant
brats. That's why neither of them are fit to be

It's always sunnyi
Ya might think Barack Obama didn't exist.So y'all
taking a dump on Obama,too? On this site?? That's
what I thought.

Brainwashing has done its thing- Bernie was our
last hope for sanity in an uncivilized insane
kill anyone in their way ruthless slime shit
heads-starts at the TOP and it doesn't trickle
down - it is the entire system- and the
brainwashed mentallites who follow these baboons
and monkeys called a congress are all accessories
to more CRIMES Against humanity- The world went to
the toilet when they killed Kennedy and look who
took over- the biggest CRIME FAMILIES ever- these
piles of human excrement make the GAMBINOS look
like pikers. How many people have died for this
the worst case of voter fraud in all of American
History coupled with money laundering and
racketeering --it's a sad day for all of human
kind- you can't fight a 100% corrupt system --
Sorry these evil leacherous lepers and
handmaidens of SATAN who all sold their souls to
the devil a very long time ago will never get my
vote-my very first spite vote is for TRUMP and I
hope he slam dunks her ass and when TRUMP becomes
President he can put that chit head on trial and
hang her all of them.

Only a radical leftist would call Hillary barely
left of center and mainstream.

And we r worried about trumph!!!

It's funny and ironic that Magic Johnson and Cher
both spoke at Hillary's rally at The Greek Theater
on Saturday night.

Jon Stewart shilling for Burnie Sanders does NOT
mean Burnie is anything but the schmuck he's been,
most of his life! As for Hillary's "crime" of
centrism, in the 21st Century, in this
multi-racial, multi-gendered, multi-religious,
polyglot world we now live in, do we REALLY need
ANOTHER narrow-minded "My way or the highway"
a**hole? Puh-lease! The ONLY way I can protect
MY rights, is to ENSURE your rights--and ANYONE
who tells you different is a demagogue carrying
the chains of the past, to lock you in tightly.
ANY politician who DOESN'T change his, or her,
mind, over the course of a career, IS the most
dire threat to ALL our freedoms! If you don't see
that, you are little different from the average
citizens of Germany, circa 1932, who thought the
queer little man with the funny mustache had THEIR
interests at heart! IF he leaned a little to the
right of Atilla the Hun, well, at least he was
leaning on the people everyone WANTED to believe
to be responsible for the sad state of affairs in
Germany, following their "betrayal" at the end of
WWI--and they were probably responsible for that
betrayal, too!

Atomic Nixon
Idiots. Americans are the most ignorant voters on
the planet it seems. Only in America would Bernie
be considered radical. Only in America would
Drumpf be considered anything but an stupid
ignorant man-child. I'm also very disappointed
with Jon Stewart, who could have easily turned the
tide in this razor-thin fight. He chose precisely
the wrong time to head to the sidelines. He knows
the system better than anyone. His endorsement
would have carried more weight than any other I
can think of.

Not Hillary. Not ever.

Not Hillary. Not ever.

Who is Nick?
Nothing on this site plays: all I see it a title
and buttons to download a program.

And don't forget that she's a Warmonger, too.

Hilary CLinton is a psychopath! IF she get into
Office...Ir***, Benghazi and all previous scandals
are going to look like a tea party!

A little too late John. We needed you last year
when this political theater started. Bernie was
the candidate you have been telling us to look
for, and when he came around you disappeared. We
needed your voice to excite the masses. Not
to get all biblical but I do find this humorous,
there was a Jew named JOHN who's role was to
announced the coming of the Messaih. In the end
He did lose his head, but not his self respect and
the undying admiration for centuries afterwards
for his sacrifice. Now our kids will have to
deal with a psychopath (HRC or Donald) as
commander and chief. The cows would've waited.

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